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Shelly was like some golden goddess from ancient times. Her youthful figure splayed out in the warm sun. Her hair had lightened earlier in the summer.

Her total disregard for any shame was a further turn-on. Her breasts rolled atop her gently rising chest. The sun had warmed her skin.

She was the epitome of youthfulness and sex. Then, suddenly she placed a hand on my arm. She had taken her hand away from her eyes, and was looking directly at me now.

She lifted her butt, then knees and cleared her ankles in one swift movement, then tossed her bottoms aside still tangled together. I just sat kind of stupidly at first.

Shelly must have felt uneasy with me staring at her like this. She caught me behind my head and steered my head right into her crotch.

I was randy as hell, and immediately started using my tongue and nose to massage her sex. I know I had no clue as to what exactly I should be doing, but with Shelly gently guiding me, I must have been onto the right spots.

Shelly had been mumbling something softly almost to herself. Her hands were on either side of my head, gentle at first, then with a stronger urgency.

Somewhere during this she started moaning. All of a sudden she started bucking her pelvis against my face.

I stayed just as her hands directed me, and let her cum. The aroma of her sex was overwhelming. I was hoping this was not all she was going to let me do.

After a couple minutes she twitched a couple more times, and then sort of sat up on her elbows. I sort of worried about how I would get my stuff off with a raging hard-on inside.

But, I had my shoes off, slid down my shorts and briefs in an instant. My hard-on jutted out and bounced around. I squatted down across Shelly and presented myself to her.

She sat up completely now, and took my cock in her mouth. I was amazed at how soft her mouth was. I could feel everything her tongue was doing to my dick.

She worked magic on me for just a bit. I think she thought I might shoot off right away in her mouth, and she was probably right.

I remember to this day looking down at the little freckles on her nose, my cock buried in her mouth. So, I was not happy when she seemed to stop.

She rolled away and reached for her shorts and panties. They were twisted together and she seemed to be trying to untangle them.

I was in a panic thinking this was it. She is getting dressed. Just then, Shelly pulled a small bit of folded paper from the front pocket of the cut-offs.

I was still confused, and wanted back in her mouth again. She ignored me, and continued unfolding the little scrap of paper.

I was puzzled for a moment until the last fold opened, and revealed a condom. This next part is sort of gross, but it happened as it did.

We were two young kids with no access to anything like condoms at our age or time. As it turns out, Shelly did have a great concern about getting pregnant.

Remember when I told about the "parties" Dad and Ray had been having with her. Dad had finally let Ray fuck Shelly as long as he wore a protection.

Shelly was always the one who cleaned up after the sex. She wiped up stains and laundered any soiled things. I guess at some point she began figuring she might need them again sometime.

She told me this all later on. Anyway, she began washing them out and drying them. She had hid several away in a secret spot.

We were young kids and had to make do with what we had. So this was it. Damm right, I did! Shelly rolled it on me, lay back down and spread her legs.

I slid down some, and with her hand guiding me, I stuck my cock in her. You would think the sensation of entering the first girl of my life would be in my cock.

What I remember the most is the heat from her thighs. The heat emanating from her body was incredible. The girl seemed on fire.

It would have taken ten strong men to pull me off my sister at that point. My hips took control of my body as I jacked against her. I became aware of her grunts.

I must have been pushing the wind out of her. I blew my shot within a minute and collapsed on top of her. After I finally stopped shuttering she wrapped her arms around my waist and held me on top of her till I completely stopped moving.

Even then, I lay there in ultimate bliss for several more minutes. She was still whispering something barely audible. For some reason, I became aware that she had started stroking my hair.

Soon, I felt my pecker starting to slide out of her. She suddenly rolled me off her to one side. I was sort of just laying there still too weak to sit up.

She startled me by touching my shriveling cock. She proceeded to slip the condom off my limp dick. She held it by the open end and lay back down on the blanket.

I was still exhausted and just stayed lying along side of her. My face was right up next to her breast. I remember her nipples were jutting upward.

This next part is absolutely true, and to this day I can hardly believe she actually did this. Shelly was holding the condom up and dipped her index finger down into the semen inside.

She kinda stirred it around and withdrew her finger coated in the stuff. Shelly rolled on to her side, looked at me for a second, and then began tracing circles around her one nipple.

It was the breast closest to my face. I watched intently as she did this. She laid back down on her back and brought the condom up to her mouth.

Shelly then placed the open end in her mouth and inverted it. The contents began sliding downward. She finished off by pinching the tip and sliding two fingers downward to get every last drop out.

Shelly snaked her arm under my head, and pulled me up against her. The cum coated boob was right in my face. I was so close I could see the fine goose bumps on her breast had risen up.

She motioned for me to suckle at it. I complied really without thinking too much about it. Her nipple was as hard as a pencil eraser.

I was flicking it around with my tongue. I looked up to Shelly. She was sort of letting my cum just stay in her mouth. Suddenly she grabbed my one hand and placed it right on her sex.

She kept her hand on top of mine and immediately I felt two or three jolts deep within her. She moaned softly and gave up several more thrusts.

I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. She was biting down on her lower lip. I was really surprised at the strength she had to hold my hand in place.

I stayed this way occasionally flicking my tongue at her nipple till she drifted off. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

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Tags Portal Chat Forum. They looked like hard pink erasers poking out from the soft mounds of her breasts. I could see the red creases on her shoulders where her bra straps struggled to contain their prize.

I tossed it in the sink for later rinsing. I reached behind her, hooked my fingers in the back of her panties. My eyes were glued to her crotch as I slid them down over her full hips, and well-shaped legs.

It was damp, her labia tightly closed with a puffy slit down the middle. An image of me emerging squalling through those succulent lips filled my mind.

I resisted the over powering urge to lean forward and kiss those moist inviting lips. She groaned loudly as I ran one finger down the dripping crevice of her labia.

I let my finger run back up, lightly touching the turgid pinkness of her engorged clit. She jerked as though a bolt of lightning had struck her.

Her legs trembled and shook. A whitish liquid oozed from her pussy and coated my fingers. I had just made my mother have an orgasm!

Her juices coated my hand. I held my hand up and watched the liquid slide down my fingers. It pooled briefly in the junction of my fingers.

The sound of my blood rushing through my veins thundered in my ears. I dropped to all fours. My breath was coming in short gasps. My heart was trying pound its way out of my chest.

Barely two feet away, the source of this intoxicating nectar, lay shiny wet and dripping. I rocked back on my haunches.

What in the fuck was happening to me!? This was my mother! An overwhelming lust, tinged with disgust shot through me. Mom was a full figured woman but not fat.

Today they would call her curvy. Her thighs were large but firm. Her breasts sagged generously on her chest.

My mother lay naked, snoring loudly. I began toweling off her body. I lingered over her breasts. I will never know where the courage came from, but I tweaked one nipple, then the other.

She tried to raise her head but it just slumped to the other side. I held each breast in my hands. I was surprised at their weight, the softness of the pliant flesh.

As I washed off sweat and traces of vomit, I lingered over her nipples. Her mouth formed a moue, her lips pantomiming sucking.

When they were clean, I sucked each nipple. I nibbled lightly at each one. Both of her hands found their way to her crotch and she humped them.

I was drenched in sweat. My heart pounded in my chest, hammering out the rhythm of my arousal. I could hear my blood rushing in my ears.

I stood, turned on the water in the face bowl and rinsed the cloth. I washed down her belly and over her sex. I rewet the towel and washed between her thighs.

Her hips attempted to move up and press against the towel. I pressed the towel hard between her legs and watched my drunken mother hump the towel.

Her ass rose and fell rhythmically, her mouth lolling open. Both of her hands covered mine, holding the towel tightly against her pussy.

Her breathing became harsh. She began to moan. A low guttural scream came from her mouth as she pressed hard into the towel.

Again, I sat back on my haunches. I had just helped my mother cum. I looked down and found my hand was slowly stroking my rigid eight inches as I watched mom slide two fingers into her pussy.

My cock leaked pre-cum all over my hand. Again, her hips began a slow rhyme as they rose to meet her thrusting fingers.

Drunkenly she licked her lips as she watched me stroke. Her free arm rose, the hand flopping loosely. Her hand brushed my rigid sex then she slumped and passed out again.

I bent over, placed my arms under hers, and lifted her to her feet. I rotated behind her and locked my arms under her breasts.

I duck walked her to her bed, my cock poking at her ass and smearing pre cum all over it. I dumped her face down in her bed.

Her sibilant snoring announced she was out. With my eyes, I traced the line between her ass cheeks to where her clamshell pussy began.

I leaned forward and caressed the soft cheeks, gently separating them. The starfish of her anus seemed to wink at me. I found myself bending over and kissing the magnificence of her ass.

I let my tongue trace the same line down her ass cheeks that my eyes had surveyed. Mom moaned and raised her hips in the air when I kissed her starfish.

I forced my tongue into the tightness of her anus. I was out of body and felt I was surely losing my mind. I was going to cum!

I could feel the itch at the base of my balls the rocketed up through my balls. It surged up the large vein under my cock.

Panicked, I tried to sit up. I spewed my seed all over her magnificent ass. It covered the pinkness of her ass in the white gooey mess of my seed.

Obscenely, it streamed in a small rill over her Mons. I walked the few steps to the bathroom. I rinsed and rewet the washcloth.

When I returned, my drying cum was smeared over her ass. She reached back behind her, smeared more of my seed on her hand and returned it to her mouth.

She sucked her fingers greedily. A mask of drunken lust covered her face. My cock was still rigidly hard. I knelt between her legs and leaned down.

Before I realized it, I was laying between her thighs, licking hungrily at our juices. Her moaning grew louder as I traced the line to her pussy with my tongue.

It gleamed wetly at me and exuded an intoxicating aroma. Almost impossibly, my cock grew harder. My vision blurred with lust as her pheromones filled the air and my nose.

Her ass pumped rhythmically up and down. From my vantage point, inches from her sex, I watched first one then two, and then finally three fingers enter her steaming fuck hole.

She frantically humped her fingers, the squishy sound of her arousal combined with her arousal aroma to fill the air with a miasma of sex.

Her moaning became a guttural growl. My hand found my cock. We came together, me spewing my seed on her glistening wet fingers buried in her pussy, Her growling loudly, pounding her hips into the mattress.

I staggered back to my room, filled with shame and lust. She admits now that she was dimly aware it was not dad. Even now, she will not admit that she let her son feel her up.

Nevertheless, one of our favorite foreplay is for me to lie between her legs and watch her masturbate. Someone had seen his paper on database technology and offered him a well-paying job.

He had strived his entire career for this type of opportunity. To this day, I know he has no idea of the impact of the events he put in place.

Even my mom, who was loyal to a fault, expressed her misgivings about such a move. I have my clubs, the church Her chest heaved disturbingly.

Mom was not a strong woman. I knew that dad would prevail. The movers came and packed our furniture. The moving van was due the next day to load the furniture and our car.

Dad had decided to drive our Dodge cabover. This would be challenging because mom did not drive. Moreover, even if she did, her incipient drinking problem was an issue.

Dad and I would share the driving for our entire trip. The company in Scotts Valley arranged for a house. They had a compound where their executives lived.

The house was part of the benefits package. They wanted dad there as quickly as possible. I learned later that the sheer speed of events were deeply disturbing to my mother.

Emotionally she was a delicate flower, ripped from its nurturing soil. She would struggle to put down new roots.

When we finished loading the RV the only empty space was the master bedroom in the rear and the convertible couch in the kitchen area.

The plan was to take three days for the trip, spending the night at campgrounds. Boxes of clothes, China, and furniture filled the entire first floor of our house.

The movers would be in early to load their van. I had my sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom. The house was dark, lit only by the light of the quarter moon streaming weakly through the windows.

The house felt unusually cold because of its emptiness. It and we were in transition. I had spent my last night out with some friends.

When I got home, I was surprised to see my mom asleep on the mattress. It was barely nine. She lay on her abdomen, one leg slightly bent at the knee toward the other leg and that leg splayed to the side.

She was clad in her usual panties and bra. Their satiny fabric seemed to glow in the dim moonlight. Despite the coolness of the night, she had kicked the cover off her.

I felt a stirring in my shorts as I beheld her lush figure. A scant two weeks prior, I had stripped her naked.

The image of my tongue fucking her ass and licking my cum from her pussy flashed through my mind. Her panties had ridden up exposing one pink cheek.

Her head lay cradled in her crossed arms.

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