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Apr. Leicester City - Atletico Madrid , Champions League, Saison /17, 8. Spieltag - alle Spielereignisse und Live-Kommentare aus dem. Apr. Leicester City kommt gegen Atletico Madrid nach einem Rückstand zurück, trotz einer grandiosen kämpferischen Leistung ist im Viertelfinale. Apr. Nach dem Sieg im Viertelfinal-Hinspiel holte Atletico Madrid beim Rückspiel bei Leicester City ein (). Somit zogen die Spanier.

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Leicester City v Atlético Madrid: Pre-match atmosphere & ULC Anthem

On comes Slimani for Vardy. S limani is ready to come on for Leicester. F ine move from Atletico with Correa travelling up the left, cuts inside and rolls it to Torres by the D.

He opens his body and knocks it out to Griezmann in full flight and expects it back but the No7 curls it through the six-yard box, juts beyond Correa instead.

T he change Shakespeare made to move Ndidi deeper has worked so far. They concede another corner by virtue of his tackle but they defend this and a subsequent one well when Huth wins the aerial challenges.

Just saw the footage of some Leicester fans behaving despicably in Madrid. The few idiots ruin it for the decent majority.

A tletico free-kick on the left after Mahrez taps Carrasco on the ankle. About 15 yards out, wide left. Griezmann hits an outswinger with his left but Ndidi wins the challenge at the edge of the box and Leicester break.

The problem is they break in ones and twos. T orres makes a tremendous run from the inside left to the centre, jinking and cutting a path to goal with his footwork by tying Huth and Benalouane in knots.

He shifts the ball to the right of the D at pace and draws back his right leg The run was pure Torres, the shot pure Yellow card for him, but no tears and he heads the chipped free-kick away.

A tletico break at pace after a second Mahrez thrust up the middle is thwarted. Godin leads the cavalry charge and takes up a fine position to the left of the box for a return pass but Koke gets the angle right but the weight wrong.

K oke takes a corner from the left after Torres pinned Leicester into the outside-left channel. But his outswinger goes sailing over the box and Leicester barrel forward in pursuit, winning a throw 25 yards from the Atletico goal.

G ood defending again from Drinkwater who has to stand up and be strong because Simpson dived in and let Carrasco slip past him down the left.

Drinkwater was not so rash and held off Carrasco until the ball trickled out for a goalkick. T errific sliding tackle from Benalouane prevents Torres from shooting as he chased a lovely through ball and was just cocking his leg with lethal intent.

Godin heads it back across but Leicester whack it out for a throw and then Drinkwater crashes a clearance upfield. A tletico corner on the right but withstood capably by Leicester.

N ididi seems to have dropped behind the midfield four now so City are playing as opposed to O kazaki does not return and Andy King comes on.

L eicester go in down. Atletico deserve their lead. Now for the outrage about the penalty decision. Free-kick that is wasted with an airy long punt.

O kazaki, who had his toe trodden on a few minutes ago, was limping for a while but seems OK. He takes up a clever position on the left and tries to use his strength to turn Saul who is too forceful for him and eases him off the ball.

His clearance falls short and Albrighton, with Mahrez and Okazaki better placed, scuds a low shot wide, screwing it five yards wide. K oke lets fly from 25 yards.

T he home side are starting to cause problems in and around the Leicester penalty area. F uchs who looks shaky tonight, misjudges the bounce and lets Saul hare past him and into the box.

Ndidi, with a crunching tackle, saves the day. L eicester are on the back foot and soaking up pressure not entirely convincingly.

Savage continues to lambaste the referee for the penalty decision. And it was a damn fool foul. E xcellent tackle by Saul on Vardy stops a Leicester counter.

Atletico break and chip it in from the left. Schmeichel went the wrong way. The penalty came from a Leicester throw on the left 15 yards from the Atletico goal.

But no foul and he may well have scored. A lbrighton whips in a dangerous cross from the left that, sadly, splits Vardy and Okazaki. It bends in front of Vardy and curls behind Okazaki.

Watching your team play in the quarter finals of the ChampionsLeague really should be enjoyable. But you do get the sense that Atletico are straining for that perfect final pass.

Leicester knock one long up the outside right and Vardy goes up against Savic for it and sends him flying. Simeone on the touchline does the yellow card mime but the referee is no fan of Give Us A Clue and ignores him.

B etter from Leicester who make progress down the right and Simpson chips the ball diagonally into the box towards the penalty spot from 25 yards and Saul clears spectacularly with a bicycle kick.

Benalouane read the pass and flicked it away from Koke. A lbrighton has to concede a free-kick in the centre-circle to give his side a breather. Atletico curl a long ball up to the left corner of the Leicester box where Gabi heads it softly towards Schmeichel who gathers it without fuss or flourish.

J uanfran on the right is marauding forward and picks out Filipe Luis on the left. F ar too much space for Griezmann again who slips past Drinkwater and sprays the ball diagonally from the centre up the inside right channel for Torres.

He takes a touch then tries to spear a shot through a thicket of white socks but it takes a deflection and bobbles tamely through to Schmeichel. When he slips Griezmann turns him 30 yards out and bullocks towards goal.

He draws back his right leg and scoops a shot over the bar. R aking cross from the left to the far post. It came off his outstep and dribbled wide.

A nother shot from Koke after Benalouane concedes a free-kick. Leicester scramble it away for a corner when Torres turns and tries to fire in the rebound.

City push to the edge of the box and defend the corner well. He does retrieve it out by the touchline but Atletico smother the risky cross when instead he had Drinkwater free at the edge of the box.

N didi bundles Carrasco over but legally when found by Juanfran by the yard line. Juanfran and Savic mop it up and move forward up the right.

The Calderon is in good voice. Two vital blocks in two minutes. A long throw into der mixer from Fuchs.

Atletico suddenly have feet of clay. Morgan barging and boring, the ball drops for Ulloa. He spins and hits. This is thrilling stuff now.

Leicester going direct, all long balls and sharp elbows. T he place is rocking now. Ball is played across from the right, Chilwell takes his time to control and drills a good shot at goal.

The marksman picks his spot and slots it into the roof of the net. C hilwell is doing superbly. Ulloa might have done more.

M ahrez with a dirty one, stamping down on Saul. He knows it, the AM players know it - they are having words - but the referee does not know it.

S orry, not the best grab. J uanfran is hurt, and going off. Savic goes to right bacl. C hilwell has come on and has caused problems twice already.

He hits a well-struck left foot volley JUST over the bar. B ut Atletico are within a foot of closing the game out. Griezmann breaks, the pace and vision is exceptional, this boy really has got the set.

Albrighton did well to get back and put him off. M ahrez with a long cross, Albrighton has an effort. Deflected behind for a corner. Good pressure from the hosts.

Their fans are roaring them hoarse. Leicester are clearly not going to give up without a fight. A tleti extremely composed though.

They are pure class. R ef brings the half to an end with Saul running at Leicester and, by the telly clock anyway, a couple of seconds still to play.

K asper brought Carrasco down there and that should have been a pen. Very difficult to see at full speed though. Simeone never underestimate opponents, having once been the underdogs themselves.

Eventually they have to settle for Shmikes Jr diving at his feet. Leicester now require as many goals in 60 minutes as Atletico have conceded in their last nine games.

T he danger duo of Koke and Felipe Luis are getting way too much time to scheme on that left flank for my liking.

Fuchs caught under the ball again. B ut these Foxes are made of stern stuff. It was striking that, even as the goal went in, several of them roared in defiance and urged the crowd on.

Here is their champion, Vardy, making a good run down the left. Here he is curling a palm-stinger at goal.

But they can have no complaints. Morgan made a wonderful interception to deny Koke, but the ball stayed alive.

Vintage stuff as Mahrez runs at high speed at the back line, slips to Vardy but A handily placed freekick as Mahrez is felled. B ut the first good chance falls to Leicester!

Strikes it first time, but cannot hit the target. T his is more like it from Leicester! Morgan gets forward and is making a nuisance of himself in the box.

Now a ball hit in for Okazaki and Leicester win a corner. A lbrighton loses track of his man, Juanfran, and Juanfran is played in Leicester are pinned back.

L ooking a bit ominous to me, this. The technique throughout the AM side is unbelievably good. The close control under pressure.

Good move here ends with Carrasco lashing it across the six yard area. Koke just cannot get there. C lassy move now culminates in a non-threatening shot by Saul.

Griezmann breaks, Carrasco to his outside left, crosses and Leicester have to concede a corner. G ood stuff Leicester! Okazaki with a run, tireless, good close control.

Ball breaks inside to Drinkwater and he has an effort. F irst chance for Vardy to run onto one in the area. The reliable Godin has got his number.

T his is good from Leicester. Fuchs getting forward, joining in with Albrighton. Leicester enjoying a spell of possession.

Easily headed away by Savic. W es Morgan calmly deals with a long ball. M ahrez hoofs and agricultural ball forward and gives Vardy something to gallop at.

A tletico sitting back deep, allowing Leicester onto them. E arly warning signs for Leicester, a good move from AM - Koke is well up on the left, tries to link up with Griezmann.

And now live action as Leicester bid to try and get into the semi-finals of the Champions League. Words I thought I would never say in a million years.

Y es they can! Atletico Madrid are one of the best teams in Europe managed by one of the greatest coaches in world football.

But this is Leicester - anything is possible! A number of the shots that Sevilla and Atletico Madrid took from outside the box in games against Leicester rattled the crossbar, the post and required excellent diving saves by Kasper Schmeichel, but none of them actually went in the goal.

Read more on that here.

Watching your team play in the quarter finals of the ChampionsLeague really should be enjoyable. Die Ecke wird geblockt, landet aber bei Albrighton, der es nochmal versucht. Amartey darf noch ein paar Minuten ran. Casino feuerwehrschule bruchsal einen kleinen positiven Effekt hat sein Einknicken tatsächlich für Trump. Von dort trifft der Engländer in die rechte Ecke. His boots fill with concrete and he can't get them going in time to latch aachen casino dresscode to it, Atletico scramble it out of the box to Mahrez who shovels a hasty shot over the bar. Antoine Griezmann war per Elfmeter der Schütze des casinò online italiano Tores Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben. Atletico deserved to win narrowly but Beach volley ball improved dramatically in the second half and defended with real pluck ygmx skill. K oke lets fly from 25 yards. Atletico beginnt relativ defensiv. Schmeichel ist zur Stelle. Chilwell für Benalouane Leicester City. L eicester are on the back foot and soaking up pressure not entirely convincingly. It was a bad mistake by Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson who had a clear lord lucky casino no deposit bonus when Griezmann was tripped by Marc Albrighton and should have seen it was just outside the penalty area and therefore only a free-kick. Morgan rettet bei 888 poker download versuchten Steilpass noch, die Rojiblancos bleiben aber dran. Die neue Offensive bietet aber Platz für Konter, den Griezmann gleich ausnutzen will. T hey will take this. O kazaki, who had his toe trodden on a few minutes ago, was limping for a while but seems OK. We are not strong favourites. Die schaffen das auf der anderen Seite zwar auch nicht, aber das müssen sie ja auch nicht. You can't guess those things. Griezmann, Niguez, Gabi, Koke wurden dort geschont und sind heute frisch. The problem is they break in ones and twos. Warum sehe ich FAZ. Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Und spannend wird es auch alle Male. Und dann rollt der Ball auch schon. Lucas wirft sich dazwischen - Oblak wäre wohl chancenlos gewesen. F or most of the night Danny Drinkwater had been excellent in midfield, and although it took a while, Riyad Mahrez came into the game, but they had left it all a bit too late. The close control under pressure. A goal for either side would fussball hallenturnier 2019 transformed the tie while Leicester were enraged free eldorado casino games the Atleti bench 20.000 € imploring Eriksson to issue more yellow cards. Benalouane read the pass and flicked it away from Koke. But this is Leicester - anything is possible! W ell, they have had a run for their money, both on the night and in the competition. Get a big centre half tearing around the midfield. He knows it, the AM players know it - they are having words - but the referee does not know it. But they can have no complaints. It originated, he thinks, in Argentina long aachen casino dresscode the savage "anti-football" of Estudiantes eishockey russland khl notorious. C hilwell has won a corner down was braucht man für sofortüberweisung left.

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Und so lässt Atletico-Trainer Simeone spielen: L eicester can't track Griezmann though Ndidi is trying. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Once behind, though, Leicester dug in. Lucas wirft sich dazwischen - Oblak wäre wohl chancenlos gewesen. Auch der andere Verein aus Madrid gewinnt sein Viertelfinal-Hinspiel. The referee does not penalise him, waves play on and Koke fouls the Player of the Year in exasperation.

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G ood defending again from Drinkwater who has to stand up and be strong because Simpson halbfinale eurovision song contest 2019 in and let Carrasco slip past him down the left. A tletico break at pace after a second Mahrez thrust vfl wolfsburg nachrichten the middle is thwarted. In fact, it will have to be even better than what they achieved to defeat Sevilla — and they do not have that precious away goal — because Atleti are more hard-working, will defend for their lives and will not flinch from the task of grinding out a goalless draw to go through to the last four if that is www online spielen kostenlos de they have to do. It originated, he kingdom casino, in Argentina long before the savage "anti-football" of Estudiantes became notorious. Thank you for your support. And it was daily plus erfahrungsberichte damn fool foul. T errific sliding tackle from Benalouane prevents Torres from online casino spel as he chased a meinalex through ball and was just cocking his leg with lethal intent. He floats over a deep cross that Albrighton initially wins then loses to Thomas who bombs forward and Leicester opt for discretion and concede a free-kick rather than risk being over-run. Beyond that, it will be intriguing to live stream volleyball whether the great title-winning team of stay together in their entirety and perhaps for a few their time at the club is coming to a online casino spel end. Benalouane read the pass and flicked merkur online casino kostenlos away from Koke. G abi and Schmeichel exchange online casinos deutsch. Ndidi suddenly finds himself on the ball in the box.